Carbon and Alloy Machinery Qualities

Carbon Alloy Machinery Qualities

We provide saw cutting up to 30" thick, flame cutting up to 12" thick and blanchard grinding services of block and parts

Carbon Alloy Machinery Grades


C 1045 thru 4" thick Higher carbon content for greater hardness and machining. Forming and welding is limited
4140 AS Rolled thru 12.25" thick Used to make sections of machinery components requiring high tensile strength and toughness
4140 Annealed thru 12.25" thick Used to make tooling components such as die holders, holders for plastic injection molds, bending and forming dies.
4130 AS Rolled thru 6" thick  
4140 PH thru 8.25" thick A pre-hardened steel with very good machinability supplied at 285-321 HB. Used for holder blocks for injection molding, clamps, strippers and ejectors.
4130 HT thru 4" thick