Abrasion Resistant Plates

Abrasion Resistant Plates

Abrasion Resistant Plates

Universal Steel provides abrasion resistant steel plate for use in mining, excavating, and heavy machinery manufacturing. Standard stock in abrasion resistant steel includes AR400 and AR500. Abrasion resistant material is used in wear applications requiring resistance to increased impact and sliding. Abrasion resistant material is tested by standards of hardness and wear-ability, in order to measure the projected performance and life-cycle of steel plate in abrasion or wear resistant applications. 

What Makes Steel Abrasion Resistant?

Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates are made of a high-carbon alloy kind of steel. Since it’s an alloy, the carbon in the steel makes it much more durable and the other metals allow it to be more formable and weather resistant.

What’s the Difference Between AD400 and AR500?

Primarily, the difference between them is the composition of the alloy. AR400 has more Chromium and Molybdenum which increases its corrosion and wear resistance, as well as increasing its hardenability while reducing the risk of temper brittleness. AR500 is more of a carbon and manganese alloy. Both plates of steel are quenched and tempered to give them better toughness and abrasion resistance. AR500 is specifically designed for wear and impact resistance while maintaining its corrosion resistance. It is heat-treated for more through hardening and better welding capabilities.

Universal has full access to T21, and other brand-specific abrasion resistant grades; all available upon request. In addition to standard stock, Universal can meet job specifications and alternative grades through mill orders and/or third-party testing.