Drilling, Counterboring & Countersinking Services

Drilling, Counterboring & Countersinking

Drilling, Tapping, Counterboring & Countersinking

When you need steel plate delivered to your precise specifications, Universal Steel America can make it happen. With advanced CNC drilling equipment in-house, we can produce steel plate with holes or shapes quickly and affordably. 

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Benefits Of CNC Drilling, Counterboring, And Countersinking

CNC drilling, counterboring, and countersinking is a manufacturing process in which holes or shapes are produced in a steel plate workpiece using cutting tools driven by pre-programmed computer software. The tooling is attached to a turret, which moves following all coordinates and variables entered before operation.  

CNC drilling, countersinking, and counterboring offer numerous benefits. Examples include:

  • Increased Production Speed
  • Enhanced Production Efficiency
  • Improved Accuracy 
  • Better Repeatability 
  • Superior Flexibility 
  • Cost-Effective 
  • Safe

Countersinking and counterboring serve similar purposes, allowing the head of a screw or other fastener to lie flush or just below the surface of the material into which it’s inserted. The difference between the processes is the angle at which the larger hole is drilled. 

A countersink’s larger hole is tapered at an angle. On the other hand, a counterbore is drilled straight into the material, leaving a flat bottom between the counterbore and the narrower inner shaft.

Your Steel Plate Drilling, Counterboring, And Countersinking Services Partner

Universal Steel America’s CNC steel drilling services produce dimensionally precise holes or shapes with high accuracy and efficiency. These processes are performed in-line and on the same machinery used for cutting and beveling. 

We’re happy to drill, counterbore, and countersink any steel plate you desire. Grades we carry include: 

ASTM Structural Plates

ASME Pressure Vessel Plates (PVQ)

Marine & Offshore Plates

Abrasion Resistant Plates

The holes made from our CNC steel drilling services are typically used for fastener insertion when joining with another part. Using CNC drilled parts improves quality and delivery time to market, which benefits many industries. 

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With CNC steel drilling services from Universal Steel America, you’ll get the steel plate you need in the condition you desire. This streamlines your supply chain, saving you time and money. 

Contact us to learn more about our CNC drilling, countersinking, and counterboring services and CNC steel drilling services. We’re happy to discuss your project in greater detail.