Mold, Tool and Die Steel Plate

Mold, Tool and Die

Mold, Tool & Die

Universal Steel Serves the Mold, Tool & Die Industry with a complete stock in tool steels, and a vast list of processing capabilities and third-party heating and testing resources. Universal provides plates and cut parts for fabricators, equipment manufacturers, machine shops, and many other sources in the Mold, Tool & Die Industry.

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Universal stocks tool steels up to 12” thick, in a multitude of heat treated conditions including as-rolled, annealed, and pre-hard. Tool steels are easily workable in the as-rolled condition, and especially in the annealed condition. Supreme hardness and/or job-specific strength characteristics can be achieved through additional heat treating after machining and fabrication. Additional heat treatment options are available through third-party resources, in order to aid machining and/or meet the strict demands of the final application.

In addition to standard stock, Universal can meet job specifications and alternative grades through mill orders and/or third-party testing.

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