Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Universal Steel serves the Oil & Gas Industry with a broad range of grades in steel plate, and a multitude of processing capabilities. Universal provides major components, large parts, and small pieces for vessel assemblies, rig manufacturing and draw works, valve bodies, skid packages, tooling, and many other avenues in the Oil & Gas Industry.

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Universal is a true one-stop shop your steel plate needs, capable of providing large plates, rolled items, and cut & processed parts. Universal's plate processing capabilities make us a staple in the Oil & Gas Industry, with plasma and oxy-fuel burning, beveling, drilling, tapping, counterboring, countersinking, rolling, forming, and ASME code welding, all in-house.  

The unique mix of our comprehensive PVQ stock and our in-house ASME welding capabilities make Universal a one of a kind service center. Universal Steel is an ASME Code shop, certified per ASME Section VIII Division 1, Section VIII Division 2, and Section I (U, U2, & S stamps). Universal has rolling & welding capabilities from ¼” up to 4” thick, with diameters ranging from 19” up to 14’, a max single roll width of 10’, and girth seam assemblies up to 60’ long. 

Universal Steel’s purchasing, sales, and production personnel form a highly-skilled team with many years of knowledge and experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. With specialized grades of steel including PVQ and HIC quality, as well as additional third-party options for treating and testing, Universal can meet strict job-specific requirements.