Plate Cutting Services

Plate Cutting

Plate Cutting

Universal Steel provides CNC plasma and oxy-fuel cutting services with capabilities ranging from gauge thicknesses up to 16.5” thick burning. Universal has a highly skilled Auto-CAD department capable of producing custom parts. Our burn quality is second to none, with the capability of holding dimensional tolerances which surpass industry standards for burning.

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What is Plate Cutting?

Plate cutting is the process of igniting a gas or liquid by flame or electrical arc, in order to cut through steel. There are two types of plate cutting; plasma and oxy-fuel.

Plasma cutting is when a gas is released at high speeds from a plasma torch, where an electrical current is applied to turn some of the gas into plasma. This plasma is then used to pierce the steel and cut through it at higher speeds than oxy-fuel cutting. It is typically used on higher alloy steels, or materials like Aluminum, but it can also be used on lower alloy steels.

  • Features Include:
    • Medium heat input
    • Superior cutting speed
    • Hardening within the area of the HAZ
    • Wide range of material

Oxy-Fuel cutting is an economical process used to cut low and mild alloy steels. It is possibly one of the most important processes in the metal industry. This process can also be done with weld preparations.

  • Features Include:
    • High heat input
    • Low cutting speed
    • Carbonizing and Hardening within the area of the HAZ
    • Wide range of material