Steel Plate Rolling Services


Universal Steel has rolling & welding capabilities from ¼” up to 4” thick, with diameters ranging from 19” inside diameter up to 14’ inside diameter. Universal has a max single roll width of 10’, with welding capabilities for girth seam assemblies up to 60’ long.

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Pictured above is a seismic slip joint designed by Stress Engineering Services Inc. for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to ensure the city does not lose its water supply in the event of an earthquake in Fremont, CA across the Hayward Fault line. The slip joint was designed to allow the pipeline to move and compress with the land’s movement during the earthquake.

Universal Steel America, Inc. supplied the two 2.75” thick rolled cylinder portions of this design. The overall roundness of the cylinders was extremely critical with much tighter tolerances than ASME Code requirements. We constructed a dual rabbit to inspect these extremely tight tolerances. The OD of the rabbit slid through the inside of the larger assembly and the ID of the rabbit slide over the OD of the smaller assembly. Roundness was critical because of the sliding action of the product being produced.

We have a combination of machinery consisting of 3-roll and 4-roll technology to minimize the amount of additional forming stock required to produce parts, which eliminates extra material, labor, time, and money from your critical jobs. Universal has the right equipment and skilled personnel to handle any job, whether it is a cylinder for an ASME code vessel, re-pads for pipes and nozzles, a rolled section of abrasion resistant plate for a front-end loader, or even odd shapes and components for a commissioned art project. 

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