ABS DH 36 Plates

Ocean-going vessels and offshore structures play a pivotal societal role by boosting global trade, commerce, and employment. Often, however, they are subjected to extreme temperatures, corrosive environments, and harsh chemicals. Help a marine application overcome these conditions with ABS DH 36 steel plate. 

An application’s intended operating environment is important to consider when choosing ABS DH 36 steel plate or its sister-grade steel plates. ABS DH 36 can sustain impact forces at -20 degrees Celsius, whereas ABS AH 36 can withstand impact forces at +20 degrees Celsius. ABS EH 36 can sustain impact forces at -40 degrees Celsius.

Universal Steel America stocks ABS DH 36 steel plate with thicknesses from 1/4 to 4 inches in the normalized condition. This material is available in standard widths of 96 and 120 inches and lengths of 240 and 480 inches. Width and length restrictions exist, however, depending on plate weight and mill capabilities

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Benefits & Features of ABS DH 36 steel plate

ABS DH 36 steel plate is a resilient material that’s easy to fabricate. It’s American Bureau of Shipping-certified and designed for maritime structures. Typical characteristics of this steel plate grade include: 

  • Superior toughness
  • Resists corrosion
  • Strong processability 
  • High strength
  • Good weldability
  • Strong machineability

Common Applications 

When a project requires higher performance than standard products offer, Universal Steel America is here to help. We have a broad range of mill sources strategically positioned around the world that are capable of producing material to meet precise job needs.

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  • Ship construction and repair 
  • Offshore renewable energy equipment
  • Barge building
  • Oil and natural gas platforms
  • Offshore structures
  • Piling material
  • Over-water bridge construction

Leading Plate Provider 

Take your marine or maritime application to new performance levels with ABS DH 36 steel plate from Universal Steel America. We can comfortably accommodate all order types, from prototypes to large quantities. When partnering with us, you’ll receive high-quality steel plate products at the best price and in the quickest possible time.