API 2W Plate

Drilling for crude oil and processing, storing, and delivering the refined product puts extreme stress on equipment used for extraction and transportation. Acid-bearing fluids eat into the tubing through which they flow, and saltwater corrodes structural materials and pipelines. Oil tools must meet stringent codes, and API 2W steel plate is well suited for oilfield applications. 

Universal Steel America stocks API 2W steel plate with thicknesses from 1 to 2 inches and in the thermo-mechanical control process, or TMCP, condition. TMCP is a microstructural-control technique that uses rolling and cooling to improve performance characteristics like strength, toughness, and weldability.

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API 2W Steel Plate Benefits

API 2W is an intermediate-strength structural steel plate developed for the welded construction of offshore structures. This material grade is regulated by the American Petroleum Institute, or API, and exhibits the following characteristics: 

  • High strength and toughness

  • Lowered carbon content

  • Improved weldability

  • Good impact resistance in the heat-affected zone, or HAZ

  • Strong lamellar tearing resistance

Typical Applications

Width and length restrictions exist, depending on API 2W steel plate weight and the mill source’s capabilities. Specialized testing and chemical or physical requirements vary to best suit the final application. Typical uses for API 2W steel plate include: 

  • Offshore structures

  • Oil and gas platforms


  • Tubular joints


  • Piling material


  • Bridge construction


  • Pipelines


  • Industrial fans

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Requirements & Characteristics 

While API 2W steel plate is designed as a structural steel for offshore projects, stringent chemical composition controls make the material perfect for other applications. Examples include base rings and cylinders for heavy-duty cranes and fracture-critical applications that demand enhanced vibration and torque resistance.

Improve the performance and longevity of your application with high-quality API 2W steel plate from Universal Steel America. With a comprehensive inventory of carbon and alloy steel plate and a range of processing capabilities, our team can supply high-performance materials swiftly and affordably. 

At Universal Steel America, our standard stock includes API 2W with supplements S1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. API material carries a comprehensive list of additional supplemental code requirements, as well as multiple grades, which are all available upon request. In addition to standard stock and code requirements, we have mill sources across the world capable of producing API 2W that meet precise job specifications.