ASME SA387-22 Plate

SA 387 Grade 22 Steel Plate Supplier

Without pressure-containing equipment, the fuel needed to power vehicles and the materials from which conventional devices are manufactured is harder to find and more expensive to produce. These devices make the storage, transport, and treatment of process media under pressure safe and efficient. Although all products designed for under-pressure use are built from robust materials to avoid spills and deterioration, devices operating at heightened temperatures or handling heated fluids and gases must be fabricated from sturdy materials like ASME SA387-22 steel plate. 


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What is SA 387 Grade 22?

ASME SA387-22 steel plate is a pressure vessel grade steel specially designed for use in elevated temperature service and applications in which sour gas is present.

What Are the Benefits of SA 387 Grade 22 Steel Plate? 

Sometimes called a chrome-moly plate, higher levels of chromium provide excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance. Additional characteristics of SA387 grade 22 plate, which is also referred to as ASTM A387-22 steel plate, include: 

  • Superior temperature resistance 
  • Improved tensile strength 
  • Heightened rust protection 

Typical Applications 


As a leading SA 387 Grade 22 steel plate supplier, Universal Steel America stocks SA387-22 steel plate with thicknesses from 3/16 to 4 inches in the normalized and quench-and-tempered conditions.

Width and Length 

Width and length restrictions exist, depending on plate weight and mill capabilities. Average widths are 96 and 120 inches, whereas typical lengths are 240 and 480 inches. Specialized testing and chemical or physical requirements can vary, depending on the final application requirements.

Common uses for SA387-22 steel plate include: 

  • Pressure vessels
  • Tubing 
  • Flanges
  • Piping
  • Heat exchangers 
  • High-temperature ducting 
  • Pipe clamps
  • Valves
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Industries & Requirments

While ASME SA387-22 plates are an excellent choice for use in various applications, it’s perfect for the oil and gas, and petrochemical industries. These sectors often store liquids and gases at higher temperatures and occasionally have to deal with sour gas. Sour gas contains significant amounts of hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, and is dangerous. 

ASME SA387-22 plates perform optimally in elevated temperatures. And with excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance, this material grade is well suited to protect against the hazards of sour gas.

As a leading SA 387 grade 22 steel plate supplier, Universal Steel America can provide third-party simulated post-weld heat treatment, or SPWHT, per customer or end-user specifications. This ensures the product has optimal performance characteristics for the final application operating environment. 

For applications demanding higher performance characteristics than standard stock and code requirements, Universal Steel America has you covered. We have an extensive range of mill sources strategically positioned around the world that are capable of producing material to meet precise job needs. 

Improve your application with a high-quality SA387-22 steel plate from Universal Steel America. Devoted to supplying clients with excellent materials on time and within budget, we’re on your side. For any questions, contact us today.


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